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Joseph Train

Hi, I’m Joseph Train, my life is not understood without the sports practice … my life is the sport! I make of my passion a profession where I can accompany people to reach their goals, even those who did not imagine to achieve. That is why, my main motivation is that you fulfill your dreams. I am currently living in Barcelona, ​​where I work as a personal trainer.

I am a professional instructor of fitness, bodybuilding, boxing, kick boxing and mixed martial arts.

I give personal training classes, individually or in groups and are aimed at the general public, from beginners to professionals, of all ages.

As a personal trainer I like to convey to my students the knowledge, techniques and experience I have been learning throughout my career. I promise to give you  my best and guide you in your training, we will do it together, with methodology, effort, positive energy, joy and motivation. In this way we will achieve a greater tonification of your body, an increase of your resistance, an improvement of your technique, and everything that you require to improve your physical and mental condition.

Each training is specially adapted to you and your requirements , achieving your goals will always be our goal. From personalized and dynamic classes you will feel as you progress day by day.

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Our facilities


Our gym is located in the Hotel Barcelo Sanz

gym Joseph Train

We also collaborate with:


We have the best instructors of Brazilian and Jiu-jitsu, in collaboration with El Templum.

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gallego prada

Gallego Prada

We have the best national boxing instructors, working with Galician Prada