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For many people boxing is a way of life. And they make extreme sacrifices with the desire to become professional boxers. Whether it's your goal, or you want to start enjoying this exciting sport Now is the time to start!

Master Class

Masterclass of boxing and another of Kick Boxing of 2h with the best instructors Joseph Train & El Pollo Ramirez, Sassoon (El Tigre) You will have a program of combat, monitoring of the month, schedules flixibility, good fighters, crossfit + functional exercises and in the end of each month we will organize a playful excuersion with Barbecue

Full Contact

It is a combat sport where participants in addition to using the blows of fist use own kicks and sweeps. The objective is to put your opponent out of action by K.O

Kick Boxing

It will help you to have an excellent physical condition, to improve your self-esteem and security. It will be an exceptional motivator for your day to day life, freeing you from worries and stress.


If your goal is to improve your fitness, eliminate fat, increase your muscle mass and get a good physical appearance. This is your choice!

Full Contact

We advise you in your diet, recommending the appropriate foods and supplements to the goals that we want to achieve.


<br /> At Joseph Train you train very hard and that's why we thought about incorporating the sports massage. It consists of a set of specific techniques aimed at treating healthy people for the maintenance and promotion of their health. We apply it regularly to our athletes. It is a deep massage that helps you to regenerate and recover the body, preparing the body for the new season

Mix Marcial Arts

I transmit to my students my experience and knowledge of the sport with the purpose of proportional the combative arsenal necessary to solve the tasks that the combat imposes on them, on the basis of developing their intellect and theoretical-practical knowledge

Fusion Class

The purpose of this class is to seek the benefits of fitness and bodybuilding with martial arts in a multidisciplinary class. Divide the class into two phases. In the first work with weights and machines of musculación. Second phase of technique, strength and power with impact exercises.

Krav Maga

The Israeli military is taught Krav Maga a melee system that is designed to quickly neutralize an enemy by any means necessary. Workouts are extreme and thorough instilling muscle memory, mental strength and physical ability to handle life-threatening confrontations.


Resistance, physical strength, flexibility, power, balance ... All in one? If you are looking for a sport that will help you achieve this and more, join the CrossFit, a functional training, based on exercises that change every day and are performed at high intensity

Fusion Class

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu BJJ

<br /> Nowadays it is mainly focused on hand-to-hand combat on the ground. His techniques include some throws and demolitions, joint dislocations, strangulations and submissions

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